We have done our best to load up our cottages

with lots of upgrades and all the things we would want

ourselves. They all come standard. If you want to add a

few things, you may. You will also get a chance to

choose colors and styles to personalize your home.

Standard price is $65,000 and includes site visits,

Coordinating with local building department and local

contractors, cottage, shipping

(CT, DE, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, VT),

set up (including levelling, blocking, anchoring, removing

wheels and hitch, connecting cottage to utility laterals, and

installing insulated skirting around the bottom.) Decks and

entry steps or ramps are not included in this price.

Additionally, it will be necessary to file permits, do site

prep with the help of local contractors (Excavation,

Foundation slab, utilities run and connected to main

house) The cost for that portion is generally $10-15,000.

The cost for DIY shells and partial builds will have to be

determined individually.